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Terms of Service

Users WWW Pages

Users Web Pages are ONLY for Classic Service subscribers, who do NOT use their WWW site to buy, sell, advertise or promote any product, business, or non-profit organization or anything which Classic Service deems "COMMERCIAL." If you are unsure, please contact our support lines at (888) 204-4800, or drop us an email to support@cserv.net If you wish to put up commercial web content please see Contact us.

Web Page Limitations

All User and Commercial pages are limited to a total of 1000 MB of transfers during any calendar month.

Web Page Content

Classic Service reserves the right to remove any page at any time for any reason.

Unlimited Accounts

Classic Service sells unlimited accounts for interactive use. This means that the holder of an account must be using the service while an account is dialed in. Users are not allowed to "pin up" a connection under any circumstances. In other words, an unlimited account exists so you can enjoy using the Internet without having to keep an eye on the clock.

"Pin-ing Up"

To "Pin Up" a connection is running a program that will simulate interactive use by a user in an attempt to keep a connection when a user is not using the account. Please note that having your email program check your email on a regular basis when you're not doing anything else is considered an attempt to pin up a connection. If all you want to do is check your email then dial in, check you email and hang up.

Account Sharing

Allowing others to use your account is a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. This includes dialing in multiple computers, all of which being used by the legitimate user, at the same time. The right to use your account cannot be assigned/transferred to others.


Posting inappropriate material to one or more Usenet News groups is considered "SPAM" or "spamming". Spam or spamming is prohibited. Any person that spams a newsgroup from Classic Service will be terminated. Unfortunately this course of action is necessary because when a user spams our system administrators have to answer many complaint emails about the incident.

Unsolicited Commercial Email

Sending Unsolicited Commercial Email is a terminating offence without refund, without question.

Access Numbers

Classic Service has access numbers in the Hoosick and Troy areas. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to choose a number that is a local call. Classic Service assumes no responsibility for any telephone charges arising from the use of our service or the number provided.

Mail Storage

Classic Service provides temporary storage of customer email on its primary mail server. Storage of mail left on the server is limited to a term of 14 days. Mailboxes in excess of the user's system quota may be expunged of all read mail at any time by the system administrator. The 14 day term applies to read or unread mail.


Classic Service agrees to provide its Customers with dial-up access to the Internet upon the following terms and conditions:

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